Our Therapies

Therapy Programs Offered by Asian Ayurveda

Specialised in Physio - Veda therapy
(An unique combination of traction, manipulation and Ayurvedic Oil Therapy for Spinal and Muscle problems like Back Pain, Neck Pain and Knee and Joint pain)
Stress Related Therapies Skin Therapies
Cooling and Relaxation Therapy
Oil dripping (Shirodhara) Therapy
Synchronised Massage (by 2 therapists in rhythmic synchrony)
Sleep Problems Therapy
Skin and Face Therapy
Skin Disorders Therapy
Exfoliation Therapy
Rejuvenation Therapies Beauty Therapies
Hormone Balancing Therapy
Body Purification Therapy
Face Pack Therapy
Himalayan Body Scrub
Physical and Mobility Therapies Prevention and Rehabilitation Therapies

Neck and Spine Therapy
Back Pain Therapy
Lower Back Pain Therapy
Knee and Joint Therapy
Sports Injuries Therapy
Spondylitis Therapy

For Stroke, Sinusitis, Migraine, Wear and Tear of Joints, Arthritis, Degenerative Disorders, Piles, Fissure - in - Ano
Rehabilitation for Diabetic Complications
Post Natal Care
Traditional Ayurvedic Care for Mothers and New Borns